OOH Vinyl Exchange Network (OOHven)


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OOH Vinyl Exchange Network (OOHven) pronounced OVEN for easy reference has been formulated. This program is now ongoing and consistent, taking your vinyls at a normal pace, at your convenience with pickups that fill the needs of the philanthropic freight liners and the benevolent corporate warehouses and cooperating governments and non-profits. All of the details once you are ready for a pickup, get handled by professional coordinators.
What’s the ask now?  There is a very high demand as we approach the midpoint of hurricane season. We need all of us to start palletizing our spent vinyls so freight liners can accept them. Here’s a PDF OOHven Palletizing Vinyl Shipments. This info discusses basic pallet handling with a few links to some inexpensive tools for moving pallets around. While these aren’t required, we think that they will help some of the mid to large-sized operations.
Next, I need you to complete this Pickup Info Excel Sheet which will allow us to initially gather the correct contact info for your field operations and installers and/or communicate with Daron Henry (daron@ibousa.org) who will be assisting the coordination and communications. Or if you operate in one of the cities that has a pre-position warehouse and are able to drop your vinyls off that would be great. Just let us know if you dropped off any and how many pallets or vinyls were dropped off for our records. Billboard Vinyl Tarps Pre-Position Locations if you are able to drop them off yourself.
If you need to have them picked up please reach out to us to let us know how many pallets you have ready and we’ll do the rest. Try to give us a count and their sizes so that we can establish a value for your tax deduction and tabulate the values for NVOAD.
This is a feel-good project that addresses a real problem for our industry and I’m excited for you to be able to help us all out! Let us know your questions as we build this out and wide open for any suggestions, comments or participation.


Daron Henry,
Production & Operations

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