OneScreen.ai Launches Most Comprehensive Public Directory of Out-of-home (OOH) Advertising Inventory and OOH Providers

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BOSTON — Aug. 3, 2022 – OneScreen.ai, the marketplace provider for buying and selling out-of-home (OOH) advertising, has launched the most comprehensive public directory of OOH advertising inventory with more than 3,200 OOH providers, including media companies, vendors and agencies, and more than 864,000 media listings across various categories, including billboards, street furniture, transit, and more in 340 different formats. OOH providers accustomed to manually managing inventory, long sales cycles, and time-consuming processes can now utilize their free, searchable listing in OneScreen.ai’s directory and a suite of free tools to seamlessly manage their inventory in one place, accelerate sales conversations, and become easily discoverable by potential buyers. OneScreen.ai’s robust directory is the basis for building the first public ecosystem in OOH that allows providers to interact openly and freely with buyers and marketers.

“Building and deploying this exhaustive directory is the genesis to ensuring everyone can easily and openly buy or sell OOH ads,” said Sam Mallikarjunan, co-founder and CEO of OneScreen.ai. “While other directories exist in the OOH space, none are democratized — completely open and public, without a third party intermediating to keep sellers from interacting with buyers. Now, that is no longer the case. We have incredible respect for the OOH industry’s tremendous and long-standing growth, and our mission is to continue working collaboratively with industry friends and partners to even further accelerate the success of OOH.”

Media owners are able to upload, edit, and sell their inventory directly from their listing. They are also given access to free tools like campaign building, embeddable maps, and invoicing that make their inventory more accessible, discoverable, and easier for marketers to buy. OneScreen.ai invites OOH providers to claim or request their free listing and complete their profile.

For more than a year, the OneScreen.ai team has worked closely with hundreds of buyers, sellers, advisors, and facilitators in the OOH industry to ensure its platform and tools solve real-world problems. Based on collaborations and partnerships with dozens of OOH providers, the company has developed multiple solutions in sales enablement, inventory management, and invoicing.

“OneScreen.ai is an advocate for the OOH industry and a resource that allows my company to run more efficiently and effectively,” said David English, Vice President at AD-Trend Outdoor Advertising. “OneScreen.ai truly understands outdoor advertising, both how and why it works. I’d encourage any outdoor advertising company to have a conversation with them and learn how OneScreen.ai will help grow your business in a multitude of ways. They are at the forefront of changing the industry, and we love everything they are doing for companies like mine. The working relationship that Ad-Trend and I have with OneScreen.ai is irreplaceable.”

“Before using OneScreen.ai, I used generic charting and graphing programs,” said Richard Kennedy, owner of Kennedy Outdoor. “But once I reached 40-50 billboard faces, it became tough to manage everything through manual processes and spreadsheets – not to mention the space and data it took up on my computer. OneScreen.ai has allowed me to put all of my inventory in one place, and it’s all hosted through their online platform.”

Join a live walk-through of the directory tomorrow, Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. ET. Save your seat at: https://www.onescreen.ai/webinar/lets-walk-through-the-directory.

OOH providers can claim their free listing in OneScreen.ai’s OOH directory at: https://www.onescreen.ai/get-listed.

About OneScreen.ai, Inc.
OneScreen.ai is accelerating the growth of real-world advertising by making it easier to buy and sell out-of-home (OOH) ads – from billboards, blimps, and buses to wrapped cars and connected TVs in bars and restaurants. OOH advertising is the only traditional ad medium still growing, and OneScreen.ai is making the entire industry more streamlined and connected with one centralized space for marketers to buy, deploy, and measure OOH advertising and for media owners to sell, manage, and invoice their inventory. Founded by former executives and alumni from Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair, OneScreen.ai earned a Great Place to Work Certification in 2022. The company is a member of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, Inc. (OAAA), Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA), World Out of Home Organization (WOO) and Geopath. To learn more, visit www.onescreen.ai and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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OneScreen.ai PR


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