Most Effective Promotional Products for Billboard Companies

promotional items

When it comes to promotional products, you want something that will be useful, visible (branding) and last as long as possible. Giving you the most bang for your buck.  The advertising specialty institute (ASI) did a study and found these impressive facts:

• 85% of people can remember the name of the company that gives them a promotional product.

• 87% of consumers keep promotional products for longer than a year.

• 79% of people who receive promotional products are likely to do business with that company.

Let’s take a look at the most effective promotional products for billboard companies.

Coffee Cups & Mugs

I mean who doesn’t drink coffee, right? And when you use a top name brand like Yeti, you’ve got yourself a winner. Pictured below is a Yeti from Camel City we got from them at a recent IBO conference. I’ve used it nearly every day since the event. And you know what? They have been doing a lot of our printing lately!


Pens & Sticky Notes

Some more very useful items, but with a shorter lifespan than a mug or thermos. The pens are made by Bic so they write very nicely and never malfunction. These pens are one of the more popular pens Bic offers. So we knew people would grab them up and continue to use them. Sticky notes get used quite a bit as well. But, they don’t last forever.

Pens and Sticky Notes


Hats & T-Shirts

Hats and t-shirts are some of the larger items you can buy to promote your company. They are one of the most purchased and most effective promotional products you can buy according to ASI. You’ll want to stick with an item and design that are unisex though, unless you plan on doing men’s and women’s items separately, which will add to your overall cost.

Shirts and Hats


Stress Balls

Another super popular promotional product, the stress ball is one of the best office/desktop items you can buy. These come in more styles, colors, materials and shapes than we can even begin to imagine. They’re fun to squeeze and throw around as well!

Last but not least… these items also made the list of most popular promo products:

• Tote bags

• Sunglasses

• Journals and sticky notes

• Lunch bags

• Tech accessories


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