Most clever billboards

Most Clever Billbords

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Our list of “Most Clever Billboards” is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Billboards are meant to be clever and eye catching. So why not make it fun? People are more likely to look and be more interested in your message you are getting across. Here are a few examples of clever billboards that got some attention for sure!


Clever Billboard #1) The Swallows Agencies has a great example with their “accidents happen” billboard. A vinyl wrap billboard with a 3d manikin, ladder and paint bucket and yellow paint splatters on the catwalk made from yellow vinyl.


Clever Billboard #2) Keisling Insurance has a great ad showing that anything can happen in accidents and that they offer big truck insurance.


Clever Billboard #3) If you can spin a catchy slogan off of someone’s name it makes it even more memorable.


Clever Billboard #4) Everyone loves adorable babies. This catchy ad is memorable and really sells to the women dynamic who are decision makers when it comes to buying homes.


Clever Billboard #5)  You have to admit this one is pretty funny. Humor is a great way to make your ad memorable.


Clever Billboard #6) The testimonial from the advertiser really tells the story about how well this billboard campaign did. It also got many 911 calls. Oops.


Clever Billboard #7) This Heating and Cooling slogan has been used by quite a few businesses. It a bold statement with a targeted message. The humorous statement makes the ad more memorable.

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