Mobilytics Unveils Advanced Real-Time Measurement & Retargeting Solutions

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Mobilytics, a leading measurement and analytics provider for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry, has announced new real-time measurement and retargeting capabilities. This new full-stack solution for all OOH media types will provide opportunity to see, opportunity to contact, visually adjusted contacts, and dwell times under the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and World Out of Home Organization (WOO) measurement guidelines.

Building upon the extensive expertise of its parent company, HaulerAds, Mobilytics has been developing and refining its measurement and retargeting solution since 2015. Initially deployed by Movia—a prominent media company utilizing a vast fleet of trucks with advertising displays across North America —this technology has already proven its ability to maximize advertisers’ investments by precisely reaching target audiences and measuring the impact of advertisement exposure.

In 2023, Mobilytics expanded its reach and began offering this fully integrated solution to other OOH media owners. Leading operators such as LED Truck Media, Lime Media, and BullDog Mobile Billboards can now provide their clients with a comprehensive real-time analytics dashboard, complemented by the exciting potential of mobile device retargeting.

Jonnathan Trilleras, CEO of LED Truck Media, praised Mobilytics’ real-time sensors, stating, “Our clients are thrilled with the advanced campaign reporting provided by Mobilytics. The ability to combine the strengths of digital advertising—analytics and retargeting—with the scale and flexibility of moving media strengthens our value proposition to digital and traditional buying teams and the brands they represent.”

“Following the termination of preliminary partnership discussions with Finnish company Hypercell, Mobilytics is strategically repositioning itself in the marketplace,” said Mobilytics CEO, Casey Binkley. “With nearly a decade of experience in developing our full-stack solution and having successfully executed numerous campaigns for renowned brands like Amazon, Walmart, Casper, and Dole, Mobilytics is poised to offer unparalleled value to media operators.”

Setting itself apart from the competition, Mobilytics ensures compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations, prioritizing consumer privacy and advertising ethics. The solution delivers real-time results through a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and actionable for advertisers. With the ability to optimize campaigns across all types of OOH advertising, including moving media, roadside, place-based, and retail, Mobilytics is revolutionizing the way advertisers harness the power of OOH analytics.

For more details, visit www.mobilytics.ai or info@mobiliytics.ai


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