Media Frankfurt partners JCDecaux to introduce revolutionary airport audience measurement tool

GERMANY. Advertising space marketing agency Media Frankfurt, together with out-of-home advertising world leader JCDecaux, is introducing a revolutionary metrics tool known as AAM (Airport Audience Measurement) at Frankfurt Airport. It is claimed that the system closes a gap where online advertising has long been able to shine thanks to verifiable figures and metrics.

“AAM is a lighthouse project for the entire airport advertising sector. It sets international standards and greatly increases the measurability of outdoor advertising at the airport” – Media Frankfurt CEO Martin Korosec

The solution will soon be used at almost 30 international airports by JCDecaux, in the process offering a variety of valid figures and KPIs, such as viewed impressions, that can be consulted in advance of advertising campaign planning.

AAM had previously been introduced to the airport industry by JCDecaux at major airports in Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and São Paulo before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.



One of Frankfurt Airport’s advertising landmarks, a 100sq m digital space for brand and image campaigns

Media Frankfurt expressed the belief that introducing a metric offering this level of international comparability is unrivalled by any other German airport.


The marketing agency said that the highly technological setting of an airport means it is now possible to analyse target groups in great detail using travel data, flight schedules and the flows of visitors. This is particularly true, it added, of the retail areas and other attractive parts of the airport.

AAM is a mathematical-statistical model that uses, for example, passenger numbers, routes taken through the airport, dwell times, walking speeds, size and distance to the advertising medium to calculate a variety of KPIs such as viewed impressions per hour.

The AAM launch was preceded by a long development phase and JCDecaux – which works with more than 200 airports worldwide – worked on the project with Veltys, experts in data science and artificial intelligence, for 18 months before the launch.

Media Frankfurt noted that a broad and robust dataset from numerous international and local sources represents an optimum starting point for offering advertising clients coherent, standardised and globally valid reach metrics that provide a solid foundation for planning their campaigns.

JC Decaux Executive Board Chairman Jean-François Decaux said: “Data is a becoming a strategic asset. In this context, when it comes to think about ‘digital journey at airport’, we have already added a new layer to our sales strategy by monetising the data starting with viewed impressions, as a new currency, meaning the total number of times a passenger will see an ad on all displays selected for a campaign.”


Serving as the hub for Lufthansa, Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, making it highly-desirable for airport advertising clients

Media Frankfurt CEO Martin Korosec said: “AAM is a lighthouse project for the entire airport advertising sector. It sets international standards and greatly increases the measurability of outdoor advertising at the airport.”

He added: “We are one of Europe’s top three hubs and now, as the first German location, are in the forefront.”

Source: ©The Moodie Davitt Report

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