Lumos launches large format DOOH Car Top ads


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“Lumos Car Tops display dynamic ads on high-resolution displays on top of rideshare vehicles such as Uber’s and Didi’s,” said the company, a member of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA).

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“The technology is a companion offering to Lumos Smart Bags (pictured right), which displays advertising on food delivery bags on bicycles.”

Sydney-based Lumos CEO Eric Fan said: “We are thrilled to launch our digital car top network and provide advertisers with a new way to reach their target audience.

“With the OOH market growing at a rapid pace, we believe that the timing is perfect for Lumos and our digital Car Top network to make a significant impact.”

“Joining the OMA [announced in Dec 2022] is an important part of our growth in the Out of Home industry. Having just exceeded our recent funding round, we are well positioned to even further scale our footprint, develop advanced data-driven ad reporting capabilities, and roll-out more innovative IoT-enabled ad solutions to deliver scalable and targeted physical and digital ads for businesses across multiple cities.”


Lumos focuses on programmatic IoT-enabled LED smart screens displaying digital out of home (DOOH) advertising to the home delivery economy.

“The company will integrate the programmatic DOOH network with its proprietary audience intelligence engine to track accurate and measurable campaign insights and ROI,” it said. “Lumos is rolling out an initial 100 units by Q2 2023 and is poised to scale its inventory to 500 units by the end of the year across Sydney and Melbourne.”

Lumos said it would also offer up to 10% Share of Voice to promote NFP and charity campaigns through its network.


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