Kre8 Media Expands Partnership with StreetMetrics for Mobile Billboard Measurement

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Birmingham, AL (March 14, 2023) —  StreetMetrics, a leading measurement and insights company in out-of-home (OOH) advertising, announced their partnership with Kre8 Media, the largest operator of mobile billboards in the Las Vegas market.

 “Kre8’s Media’s mobile billboards drive strong performance on the Las Vegas strip for some of the most well-known brands, shows, and entertainers,” says Michael Steinberg, Chief Revenue Officer of StreetMetrics. “We’re looking forward to growing our offerings together and continuing to help Kre8’s advertisers quantify the impact of their ads. From plug and play, to fully customized activations, brands can leverage Kre8 to drive proven ROI in one of the country’s premier tourist cities.”

Kre8 Billboard

As part of their portfolio, Kre8’s bright digital and static displays let brands showcase fixed images, animation, and even broadcast quality commercial spots in real time without production costs. With the versatility of their activations, advertisers leverage Kre8’s mobile billboards for a broad range of activations, including parades, annual campaigns, entertainment marketing, conventions and special events.

“We are extremely excited about our exclusive partnership with StreetMetrics – the innovator and leader in the out-of-home real-time measurement space. We are in the business of capturing attention and providing traffic to businesses, venues, and events,” says Shaun Habibian, owner of Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising. “Now through the StreetMetrics platform, we know our engaging and highly visual custom mobile billboard solutions directly affect consumer decisions and behaviors.”

As the demand for experiential outdoor marketing only grows, Kre8 Media and StreetMetrics’ partnership enables advertisers to uniquely blend the art and science of marketing to effectively reach their target audience.


Here’s to more miles measured, together!



About Kre8 Media

Since 2012, Kre8 Media, led by Owner Shaun Habibian, has been serving the Las Vegas community and Las Vegas Strip corridor with a creative, solution-based, unique outdoor media company with years of proven success for their clients. The company’s fleet has been curated and developed, offering 63 mobile billboard displays, customized mobile build-outs and digital mobile billboards. At Kre8 Media, it’s their passion to build, develop and produce one-of-kind and highly functional multi-dimensional boards that draw attention and generate immediate consumer action while exceeding the customers’ business objectives. Visit Kre8’s Media’s website to get started with your campaign today.

About StreetMetrics

StreetMetrics provides moving out-of-home media operators with the same planning, measurement, and attribution capabilities as online advertising. StreetMetrics measures almost anything that moves, including ads on buses, trains, rideshare fleets, taxis, mobile billboards, airport shuttles, and semi-trailers. For more information, visit our website, read the StreetMetrics blog, or follow us on LinkedIn.

Source: Kre8 Media

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