Tasty Ad Offers Free Live Demo

Free Live Demo 2

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Tasty Ad offers free demos to anyone wanting more information. We’ll show you just how easy Tasty Ad is to use and answer any questions you may have. Who is Tasty Ad for? Our platform is for everyone in the Out-of-Home advertising industry. From the smallest of companies where the owners handle sales and design. To medium to large companies who need to produce artwork quickly and effectively. Tasty Ad is a unique design and sales tool that for the OOH advertising industry. We’ll also show you how to present professional proposals to potential customers with our Tasty Proposal tool.


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We have combined proven strategies, tools and techniques that optimize sales and encourage client retention. Tasty Ad is at first glance, an incredibly fast and easy way to design OOH ads and present them to potential or existing clients in the most professional and impactful way. However, it’s much more than that. We provide resources to help you use these tools and techniques, such as videos, promotional and marketing content you can share with your customers. You will be amazed at how easy our software is. NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Salesmen can make spec art for potential clients within minutes. Ad proofs are branded with your company logo.

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