Jaanuu Launches First-Ever Out-of-Home Advertising Campaign Featuring New Fabric Innovation


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LOS ANGELESMay 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading direct-to-consumer, physician-founded medical apparel brand, Jaanuu, pulled back the curtain today on its largest-scale advertising initiative to date. Featuring the slogan, “Reimagine Greatness,” 100 Jaanuu out-of-home ads including highly-visual billboards, street-level digital spots and transit placements can be seen throughout the Chicago area through the end of June.

The impetus behind Jaanuu’s “Reimagine Greatness” campaign ties back to the brand’s founding mission of creating innovative and distinct apparel that empowers healthcare professionals (HCPs) to look, feel and perform at their best. The campaign aims to challenge the public to reimagine the perception of how greatness is defined in our society, who we look up to and who we aspire to be like.

“As one of the biggest medical markets in the country, Chicago was the right fit for launching Jaanuu’s very first out-of-home campaign, especially timed with our new product launch ULTRALiteTM,” said Dan Alder, Chief Marketing Officer. “The campaign slogan of ‘Reimagine Greatness’ is a powerful truth once you begin to strip away at what and who we deem ‘great’. Society typically bestows this title on the rich, the famous, or the powerful, but at Jaanuu we believe it to be so much more than that. It’s the courage, grit and boldness to do what our healthcare community is doing day-in and day-out, without the spotlight and in the face of adversity, so we took on the challenge to encourage the world to see ‘greatness’ through our lens. Real greatness is real people making a real difference.”

Further aligning to Jaanuu’s commitment to serve the apparel needs of HCPs, the out-of-home ads also feature the brand’s newest fabric innovation launch, Jaanuu ULTRALite™. The proprietary fabric is Jaanuu’s lightest fabric release to date and was created in response to consumer feedback — a testament that Jaanuu continues to deliver on by listening to the product needs of their community. Constructed from 92% recycled material, a weightless feel and 4-way stretch, Jaanuu’s new fabric will allow for added mobility, breathability and functionality in a range of modern scrub styles and colors.

“As a healthcare apparel brand, Jaanuu knows that the white coat and scrubs signify putting other people’s needs before your own. With my sister and practicing pediatrician, Dr. Neela Sethi Young, Jaanuu has become the brand that is deeply in tune with the experiences of the healthcare professional. This understanding has not only amplified our commitment to help each healthcare provider achieve real greatness but it has also provided us with a fortuitous platform to remind the world of the critical contributions that healthcare professionals make daily in each of our lives,” said Shaan Sethi, CEO and Co-Founder.

“Reimagine Greatness” is the largest marketing investment the brand has made to date and comes on the heels of Jaanuu’s $75M Series B funding round by global investment firm, Eurazeo, in early 2022. The influx of capital has been deployed to product innovation, team investments and brand marketing initiatives to build global awareness.

The out-of-home ads in Chicago kick off the first wave of a “Reimagine Greatness” phased approach, which will expand in the coming months via multichannel programming, to showcase the unique stories of real healthcare professionals.

About Jaanuu
Jaanuu is an innovative healthcare apparel brand that exists to create change for those who change the world, one shift at a time. A physician-founded company, Jaanuu leverages authentic experience and firsthand knowledge to design purpose-built, cutting-edge scrubs, outerwear, accessories and more that revolutionize what’s possible for the healthcare professional. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Jaanuu is committed to fostering community, inclusivity, integrity and technology to support real greatness — the real people who take care of others, each and every day, without the spotlight. Visit Jaanuu.com to learn more.


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