IBOUSA Vendor Expansion


By Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager, Independent Billboard Operators

IBOUSA has grown over the last decade and started out as a networking group set up as a business that operates on a not-for-profit basis that focuses on the narrow interests of our associates.  Along the way, we added some vendor/supplier/consultants to the mix but have limited the number of companies for various reasons primarily due to budget constraints on both administration and venue size for our bi-annual conferences.

Our growth has received a lot of interest from all types of companies that would like to access the associates for one reason or another, but generally to sell something or to provide some service.  While it has been difficult in the past to accommodate all interests, we have been able to grow to a point whereby we can relax this process a bit. While we are still not able to include every company that wishes to connect, we have developed a proprietary process considering a wide range of factors for balancing our mix to help us evaluate those companies that are the right fit for the group.

Effective immediately for the calendar year 2019, IBOUSA will have a new application for companies that are interested in providing products and services, with a few tiers to help more participate.  We also recognize and appreciate the group was grown on the backs of the existing vendor associates who we value highly.

If you have questions or would like to be sent the application and program expansion details, please email support@ibousa.org.  If you have inquired in the past, we will be sending you an invitation, but if you haven’t received this by Dec 15th, feel free to contact us.  Please be patient as we will experience a higher than usual communication flow during this process.

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