How to Increase OOH Sales and Client Retention

Increase Sales


OOH companies are always looking for ways to increase their sales and client retention. In today’s day and age, things change quickly and it’s not always easy to adapt and keep up. Sometimes it’s better to have something that’s familiar but used in a different way. We have an easy solution, and no design or technical skills are needed!

A sales person is more likely to make a sale if they have spec art or sample ads. The more ads an existing customer does, the more likely they are to renew. Tasty Ad allows anyone the ability to create ads quickly and easily.

The answer for increased sales and client retention is simple: ADS!

A little about ourselves: Tasty Ad is a unique sales and design tool for the out-of-home advertising industry. An online based system for billboard businesses, digital signage business owners, billboard advertisers and digital signage advertisers to create, store and share ads. Professional template based ads with premium stock photos all customized easily to match your advertiser’s branding. 90% of billboards and digital display ads in the world, static and digital, are not designed effectively. They do not follow the best practices of billboard and display design. This system will help anyone make an ad that is legible, bold, and effective ten times faster than traditional methods.

We have combined proven strategies, tools and techniques that optimize sales and encourage client retention. Tasty Ad is at first glance, an incredibly fast and easy way to design OOH ads and present them to potential or existing clients in the most professional and impactful way. However, it’s much more than that. We provide resources to help you use these tools and techniques, such as videos, promotional and marketing content you can share with your customers and online seminars. All free to our Tasty Ad subscribers!

When a customer buys a billboard or digital signage ad… what exactly are the buying? What is the end product? IT’S A DESIGN. SO IT SHOULD BE THE BEST IT CAN.


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