How to Define & Target Your Audience

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What is a Target Market?

A target market is a group of people that will benefit the most from a product or service you are selling. The target market is most likely to engage with or purchase said product or service. This audience is generally defined by considering several factors about your ideal customer: demographics, purchase behavior, occupation, hobbies, education and more. These “definitions” are then used to target the audience with specific advertising which should be suited for them.

Defining Your Target Market

Start thinking about your current (best) customer or your ideal customer. Write descriptions for the following:

  1. Their Job:
  2. Their Income Level:
  3. Their Hobbies:
  4. Their Spending Habits & Behaviors:
  5. Their Education:
  6. Their Location:
  7. Etc…

Determine what motivates the person above. What pain points do they experience that you can help with? This is where you connect with them on an emotional level.

Take your time and really do your best to get this right. You can always go back and adjust these, then retarget your advertising, but getting it right out of the gate will save you money.

Targeting Your Audience

Now that you’ve determined your ideal customer, it’s time to show them what you have to offer in the form of great advertising. Your creative needs to be directed to the specific audience. If your product caters to children, you want your advertising to be colorful, playful and light, avoiding anything dark, grungy or too bold.

Getting your ads in front of your target market is easier than you may think. Digital out of home is the perfect advertising medium with audience targeting capabilities. Once you’ve got your great piece of creative ready go, log into your Adomni account, find the ideal geographic location, choose your audience, and book your next campaign!

The key to a winning advertising campaign is this: determine your target market, create advertising or content that appeals to them emotionally, target your advertising to them, and finally… measure, tweak and repeat until you hit the sweet spot.

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