How Taxis Can Work to Benefit Advertisers in NYC


New York City is known for many things, including its iconic taxi cabs. According to NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, there are a little over 13,000 taxi cabs in the city. If your company is looking for new ways to advertise, you should consider taxi advertising. Let’s explore what taxi advertising is and how taxis can work to benefit advertisers in NYC.

Taxi Advertising and How it Works

Taxi advertising is one of the best ways to dominate the advertising market in New York City because each taxi is like a moving billboard, promoting your business all across the city.

Advertisements on taxi cabs can be placed on top of, inside of, on the back of, or even wrapped around a taxicab. Taxi advertising is typically the most effective when you buy ad space on a whole fleet instead of just a few cars, as this will then command the market with your company and its message.

Typically, the rates for taxi advertising are lower than most other types of outdoor advertising techniques, which makes it a huge benefit to advertisers. However, the rate for taxi advertising ranges throughout the city.

The pricing for advertisements on taxis generally ranges anywhere from $30 per cab to $2000 per cab, depending on the size, location, and type of ad you want to display. The price can also vary depending on the number of cabs you decide to advertise with.

Best Types of Advertisements for Taxis

Here are the best type of advertisement categories for taxi cabs in New York City:




    • Entertainment



    • Movies



    • Music



    • Shopping



    • Sports

The travel and tourism industries are huge in NYC, as the city attracts around 65 million visitors per year. Many of these out-of-towners take taxis to get around the city, and see them constantly while walking around, which is why companies with ads that target these tourists may see a major profit from taxi advertising.

Types of Taxi Cab Ads

As we learned above, there are typically four main types of taxi advertising locations on an individual cab. Let’s break down each type and figure out which one would best benefit your business.

1. Taxi Top Advertising

Taxi top advertising is typically the most common type of advertisement on a taxi, and is probably the type that you are most familiar with. This type of ad usually consists of a digital sign or static display on top of a car, that is placed in the middle of the roof. Some signs are also backlit, so they can be seen during the day or night.

2. Taxi Wrap Ads

Taxi wrap ads are very visual displays, where the entire taxi is wrapped with the advertisement. For these types of ads, typically you have the most options as far as picking the color of the cab, and selecting the graphics that will be used on the car. The taxi wrap ads are typically the most expensive form of taxi advertising, seeing as it is a fully customizable ad, and is the largest as well.

3. Taxi Trunk Ads

For taxi trunk ads, these are usually static displays that cover the trunk of the cab. These ads typically go for a lower price, and are very popular in high traffic cities, like NYC, where people sitting behind a taxi in traffic can see the advertisement for extended periods of time.

4. Taxi Interior Advertising

Interior advertising in taxis is typically very simple to implement, and usually consists of two digital screens on the back of the driver and passenger headrests. This way, riders can easily see the ads at eye-level when sitting in the back of the cab, and the ads can play on a loop. Screens not only provide the rider with eye-catching info, but can also be engaging with touch screen capabilities. Then, riders can navigate through the ads on the screen, play games, adjust music stations, or even scan QR codes. Taxi interior advertising is typically the cheapest form of taxi advertising, and can therefore provides a great financial benefit to advertisers in NYC.

Other Outdoor Ad Methods




    • Lamp Posts ads





    • Public transit ads



    • Bridge ads



    • Retail advertising

New York City is famous for its huge, illuminated billboards, and so opting for a method like this, along with taxi advertising, is a great way to corner the market and gain more exposure to consumers.

All in all, using taxis to advertise provides huge benefits to advertisers in NYC because taxi advertising is a great way to reach a large amount of people, for a low cost. So the next time you want to show off an ad, think about reaching out to a taxi cab!

Source: iCrowd Newswire

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