How Many Digital Ads Should I Run Per Customer

How many ads should I run on my digital billboard

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This is an important question for billboard companies / OOH owners. How many different ads should I or my customers run in their digital billboard/display slot? How long should I leave each ad up? How often should I change them?

While the answer is not always the same for every business, there are some things to keep in mind.

  1. The more ads you have in rotation. The less often you will see each one.
  2. Running one ad and never changing it is not a good use of digital. Unless it’s short-term.
  3. The more your customers change their ads the more impact they will have and the more likely they are to renew.
  4. The more ads you allow your customers to have the busier your designer/scheduler will be. So use Tasty Ad or plan ahead.
  5. It’s good to set an ad limit when signing customers up unless you have the ability to create high quantities of ads. As some customers will wear you out.

So what is the magic number?

We recommend 3-5 ads to our customers. It’s a good “in-between” where they are getting enough exposure for the things they want to advertise, but not creating a huge pool of ads where each individual one never gets seen. It has worked well for us. It’s good to communicate this with them upfront so they know what to expect.

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