How Birthday & Personal Billboards Gain More Views for Your Advertisers

Birthday Billboards More Views for Advertisers

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Your billboard advertisers want one thing, views. As many views as possible. It’s our job as billboard owners to do what we can to ensure as many eyes are seeing their ads as possible. Typically, this means having boards with great reads on busy roads and also, having eye-catching advertisements that draw the viewer’s eye to the billboard. But there are other things you can do to gain more views for your advertisers.
Displaying public messages on your available digital billboard space such as birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, etc. can cause a rise in the number of views your advertisers get. People like to see their friends and family on billboards. When they start to notice this, they are more drawn to the billboard as they watch to see who will pop up. In turn, seeing all of the advertiser’s ads while waiting.
A study about ad views compared how many views an ad got which displayed a person’s face VS. an ad with no face displayed. The results concluded that advertisements with faces generated as many as 91% more views than an ad without a face on it. Pair that with an ad that features the face of someone that is known by the viewer, like a birthday billboard, and you’ve got an even higher increase in ad views.

Public billboard messages also lead to organic social media views for your advertisers.

Organic social media views of ads displayed on your billboards are another effect of displaying birthday billboards and other related ads. Shown in some examples below, videos of the birthday billboards were captured via cell phone and shared on social media platforms. As the videos were watched on social media, the ads surrounding the birthday ad were also viewed as they were waiting on the birthday ad to pop up.

How to easily sell birthday, anniversary, and other public billboard messages.

You can sell ads to the public yourself, which can be a bit of a headache when someone only wants to run for a couple of days. By the time the ad goes through the sales department, art department, billing, scheduling, etc. a hefty price has to be charged to make up for the time involved to sell one short ad. Which in turn can lead to fewer sales.

The easiest option is to use the programmatic platform Billboard4Me. This platform does all of this work for you, in exchange for a small portion of the revenue that is generated.

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