How a Local County Mayor is Utilizing Billboards for the Community

Local Government City Official Utilizing OOH Billboards

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Tasty Ad is proud to share this article about our local county mayor, Randy Porter, who is utilizing billboards for the community. Content used with permission.

About Randy Porter: As Putnam County Mayor since 2014, Randy Porter brings over 40 years of leadership and technical experience to Putnam County.  Randy began working for Putnam County in 1980 as a Paramedic. In 1983 he was promoted to Emergency Medical Services/911 Director and served in that capacity for 30 years.

Local officials can harness the power of billboards to enhance community engagement and awareness. Billboards provide a high-visibility platform to promote local events, fostering a sense of togetherness and pride among residents. Moreover, they serve as a powerful tool to recognize and celebrate the hardworking employees who keep the city running smoothly. By utilizing billboards strategically, we can not only boost civic participation but also reinforce the strong bonds that tie our communities together, ultimately fostering a more vibrant and connected city.

The billboards display employee gratitude messages, local events, as well as holiday greetings.


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