Hellmann’s Spices Up Movie Launch Campaign with Shrimp on the Barbie

Gloable Barbie

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Hellmann’s, renowned for its playful and lighthearted approach, recently launched an amusing and clever campaign in both the UK and Australia to keep consumers entertained. The campaign aimed to encourage BBQ enthusiasts to embrace some well-known Australian slang during their grilling adventures.

Taking advantage of a significant moment that captivated both nations, Hellmann’s playfully featured shrimp on more than 400 digital billboards, national newspapers, and social media platforms across the UK and Australia.

Employing ingenious tactical activations, the brand strategically placed ads within large Australian communities in London, such as Clapham, as well as outside various cinema sites.

Christina Bauer-Plank, the Global Brand Vice President for Hellmann’s at Unilever, expressed the brand’s joy in engaging with customers during crucial moments. The cheeky campaign not only sparked conversations about a shared cultural event between both nations but also provided a natural link to remind consumers that Hellmann’s mayo is the perfect partner to elevate their summer barbeques.

According to Juliana Paracencio, the Global Creative Director at Ogilvy, major pop culture events offer an excellent opportunity for brands to make relevant and memorable connections. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to delve into the topic of barbeques, aiming to create a playful and topical ad that resonates with consumers and drives talkability around the campaign.

Source: Peach

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