You did it. You made that tough sale. Now it’s time to get their artwork up on the billboard to make it official. You or the art team send them an email requesting art or design input, several days pass and nothing. Maybe even weeks go by and still no art to run. This happens to the best of us, the good thing is we can prepare for these situations and make sure our butt is covered. And part of the preparation comes way before you ever make the sale.

The first and best option you can have to safeguard yourself from customers that won’t send or approve artwork is to have a line in your contract or agreement that states billing will start regardless of artwork approval. Usually, something along the lines of “Advertiser has 2 weeks to provide and or approve artwork. Billing will start regardless of artwork approval”.

If the slow client is a digital billboard customer, you can design a very simple and generic “logo ad” and email it to them with the verbiage “We will start with this, if you want any changes please let me know”.

See the example below of a very generic billboard ad.

Generic Billboard Idea