Grocery TV Grows to 4,000 Stores and 20,000 Displays at Entrance, Front End, and Pharmacy

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The in-store digital advertising network has experienced 26% growth in the last year, now reaching 47 million unique shoppers in all 50 states.

AUSTIN, TexasOct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Grocery TV today announced that its network has reached 4,000 grocery stores with 20,000 displays at the entrance, front end, and pharmacy. During the last year, they’ve partnered with a number of grocery retailers including Schnucks, Smart & Final, and Coborn’s, while expanding their network to new in-store locations.

“Our goal going into this year was to expand into high-value areas of the store, while growing our overall network with retail partnerships that further our reach,” said Marlow Nickell, CEO. “The 4,000 store milestone means the network has grown 26% over the last year.”

Store expansion efforts over the last year have led to increased coverage in major DMAs such as Los Angeles and St. Louis and the growth in their reach of Hispanic audiences. To support their expansion into different parts of the store, Grocery TV launched its Retail Marketing Platform earlier this year, which allows retailers to manage their campaigns across multiple in-store touchpoints.

As Grocery TV looks ahead to 2024, it will continue growing its footprint to 1 in every 4 grocery stores as well as expanding its displays to every major touch point in the store.

For more information, visit www.grocerytv.com.

About Grocery TV

Grocery TV is an in-store retail media network with 20,000 displays in grocery stores across the U.S. Brands leverage Grocery TV to reach over 47 million shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores that receive 282 million monthly visits. Through integrations with all major demand-side platforms (DSPs), Grocery TV makes it easy for brand marketers to launch and manage digital advertising campaigns throughout the grocery store, where the majority of purchases occur. Retailers partner with Grocery TV to connect their in-store retail media strategy, engage with shoppers, and generate incremental revenue.

Please reach out to Ashley Nickell (ashley@grocerytv.com) for press inquiries.

SOURCE: Grocery TV

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