French Hyper-Targeted DOOH Ad Campaign Skyrockets Purchase Intent by 153%

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This case study provides a fascinating glimpse into the power of hyper-targeting in the realm of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, featuring a programmatic ad campaign in France promoting a hair removal product known as Veet Expert.

The Veet Expert ads were strategically showcased in prime locations within bustling retail and shopping malls across major French cities, with the primary objective of reaching women under the age of 50 and enticing them to make spontaneous purchases. This impactful campaign was a collaborative effort involving Starcom agency, Google’s DV360 DSP, Broadsign’s SSP, and Clear Channel France screens. Notably, these ads were displayed a remarkable 210,000 times, resulting in an impressive estimated 3.8 million impressions.

In a detailed analysis conducted by Broadsign, the campaign demonstrated substantial improvements in key performance indicators:

  1. Ad Interest: A remarkable 142% increase in audience engagement and interest.
  2. Purchase Consideration: An impressive 126% surge in the likelihood of potential customers considering the product for purchase.
  3. Purchase Intention: A substantial 153% boost in the intent to buy the advertised product.

These statistics represent substantial achievements for the campaign, signaling the profound impact of hyper-targeted DOOH advertising. While quantifying the exact number of women within the target demographic who converted from mere consideration and intention to actual purchases due to the ad remains a challenging task, the data strongly implies that the campaign had a substantial and tangible influence on consumer behavior.

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