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New York, June 12, 2023 – In an exciting collaboration with Firefly, the pioneering mobile marketing media solution provider, Viola Outdoor is set to redefine Abu Duabi’s DOOH landscape by introducing Firefly’s cutting-edge Hardware-as-a-Service (HAAS) and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) offerings in Abu Dhabi.

Firefly’s innovative HAAS and SAAS solutions will empower Viola Outdoor to unlock unparalleled marketing opportunities, revolutionizing the way brands engage with audiences. Leveraging Firefly’s state-of-the-art roof-top digital LED screens, Viola Outdoor will now extend its portfolio of Digital Out of Home products to Abu Dhabi’s esteemed Tawasul fleet of taxis, ensuring an expanded reach and unprecedented impact.

 Ammar Sharaf, Group CEO and Board Member of Viola Communications, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Firefly’s dynamic digital vehicle-top screens enable us to provide unique eye-level marketing opportunities, strengthening our association with Tawasul taxis.” Sharaf further elaborated on Firefly’s remarkable technology, highlighting its use of proprietary GPS and internet connections to deliver geo-targeted and dynamic messaging capabilities that captivate passers-by.

 By integrating Firefly’s programmable vehicle-top LED screens into Viola’s digital portfolio through Tawasul’s taxi fleet, advertisers will benefit from the widest possible coverage, reaching a substantial audience. Tawasul Taxis alone transport approximately 23,000 passengers and cover a distance of 350,000 km per day throughout Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, ensuring unrivaled exposure for brands partnering with Viola Outdoor.

 Sharaf emphasized that the introduction of Firefly’s game-changing solutions aligns seamlessly with Viola’s digital OOH transformation plan, stating, “Since we launched our digital OOH transformation plan, our goal has remained constant: to help advertisers reach people in key, premium areas with the highest quality sites and screens.” He further added, “Viola Outdoor’s partnership with Firefly and Tawasul is a game-changing addition to marketers’ arsenal, empowering them to elevate their campaigns and seize new opportunities.


Fueled by the most advanced tracking, measurement, and optimization capabilities available in the Out-of-Home space, Firefly is an innovative data-first ad network. Leveraging the industry’s first ever audience planning capabilities, they deliver the most relevant messages at the most relevant moments with their suite of dynamic car top, in-car, and experiential solutions.

 Firefly’s proprietary screens deliver dynamic content based on location-based, GPS-enabled triggers. They empower brands to efficiently engage consumers in major U.S. markets, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

 Founded by Kaan Gunay (CEO), Firefly has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, London, and Istanbul. To learn more: visit fireflyon.com.


Viola Outdoor, a division of Viola Communications, the leading media communications specialists based in Abu Dhabi, is proud to announce a ground-breaking advancement in the realm of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) media.

Source: Firefly

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