Firefly Revolutionizes Programmatic Digital-Out-of-Home Industry With Location And Inventory Transparency for Mobility Media

Firefly becomes programmatic

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San Francisco, Calif. (May 23, 2022) – Firefly, the next-gen mobility advertising solution, announced today a first-to-market ad unit approach that is revolutionizing the way marketers plan and buy media through real-time location data and inventory transparency. With this new ad unit, programmatic inventory availability is shown in real-time based on location data using a Hexagonal hierarchical geospatial indexing system (H3).

“This is a groundbreaking new approach for the industry. We are thrilled to be the first to bring this type of innovation to a competitive market,” said Kaan Gunay, CEO of Firefly. “This latest advancement will help us portray Firefly’s full scale of capabilities more accurately. It will also simultaneously provide advertisers with vital information about whom their campaign is reaching, in what neighborhood, and the results of those efforts.”

Firefly’s network, comprised of a National fleet of taxi and rideshare vehicles, has thrived as its widespread reach in the market, combined with the ability to implement precise targeting through GPS tracking and location triggers, made the platform the perfect avenue for marketers planning campaigns programmatically. However, unlike digital bulletins, street furniture, and other traditional, stationary DOOH formats, Firefly is on the move.

Programmatic platforms traditionally portrayed moving media inaccurately due to using more broad-based location data focused on key city centers instead of an entire geographic region. Ultimately, this blocked mobility platforms like Firefly from being considered for a wider variety of campaigns while simultaneously limiting potential partners that can help advertisers achieve their goals.

“With the accelerated growth of our company and offerings, it was critical to implement a system that will represent mobile transit data such as ours in the most accurate way, especially when there’s a fundamental difference in how we believe mobile transit media should be presented for media buyers,” said Roey Franco, SVP, Product at Firefly. “With an increase in programmatic campaign planning, this is a win-win for all parties involved.”

Now with GAU, Firefly can understand where each car is at any given second, and it can accurately report how many ads and impressions were delivered in each 0.1-mile hexagon area. This gives programmatic buyers and planners full visibility into their reach and significant impression delivery in core areas like Manhattan and outside neighborhoods that are often overlooked by marketing campaigns, resulting in higher visibility for clients.

For more information about Firefly and its programmatic capabilities, visit https://www.fireflyon.com/. 


Firefly is a data-first mobile media network delivering the most relevant experiences and content to the most relevant consumers through car top and in-car display technology. Our smart screens deliver dynamic, contextually aware brand activations, empowering them to efficiently engage consumers in major markets across the U.S. Each month, Firefly’s network delivers over 1 billion impressions on the streets and in the vehicles of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami – with many more cities and millions more consumers to come.

Founded by Kaan Gunay (CEO) and Onur Kardesler, Firefly is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Istanbul. Visit us online at fireflyon.com.

Source: Firefly

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