Firefly Launches Solution For Programmatic DOOH Buyers to Maximize Success on Campaigns


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New York, June 29, 2022 – Firefly, a mobile digital-out-of-home (DOOH) leader, announced today the launch of a new Header-Bidding solution for advertisers looking to increase the number of impressions for their campaign while keeping the number of vendors manageable. With Firefly’s Mediation structure in place, DOOH advertisers will now have real-time visibility into the availability of Firefly’s car top and in-car networks at a city block level, allowing them to tailor their campaign and bidding strategy accordingly.

Over the last year, it’s become increasingly more difficult for advertisers to plan campaigns with high impression goals due to publishers’ following a waterfall approach that prioritizes direct sales, then sends out remaining bid requests to supply-side platforms in a predetermined order. This process creates a discrepancy between what the supply-side platforms report as buyable impressions and the publishers’ actual available programmatic inventory. It can also disqualify media owners that would otherwise be viable candidates for the plan.

Overall, this forces agencies to revert their strategy to traditional direct media buying instead of taking a forward-thinking, programmatic approach. There is now a better way.

For this new programmatic flow to be executed for each ad play, the Firefly Mediation Server sends bid requests to Vistar, Placeexchange, Hivestack, Adomni, and Magnite, sets up an auction with all received bids, and selects the winning bid according to the guaranteed status and bid price, without affecting the delivery of the directly sold campaigns. This product increases biddable Firefly inventory a minimum of five times at the demand-side platform (DSP) level, giving campaign planners around 500 million impressions to plan their next campaign.

“With programmatic DOOH ad spending anticipated to reach $530 million in 2022, our goal with the Firefly header-bidding solution is to make every Firefly impression programmatically acquirable in demand-side platforms,” says Roey Franco, SVP of Product at Firefly. “This new capability reproduces how header bidding works in other digital platforms, helping us narrow the gap between DOOH and other digital channels and to support all our programmatic partners in creating valuable campaigns with broad coverage.”

By making a significant amount of DOOH impressions available to programmatic buyers, Firefly supports the advertisers in executing large branding campaigns with extensive reach and frequency while limiting the number of publishers to a small, curated group, reducing the management overhead.

If you’re an advertiser, please get in touch with your DSP to see how many impressions in your target markets Firefly can provide for you, and start using Firefly’s unparalleled reach, unrivaled hyper-local targeting, and advanced measurement capabilities in your next programmatic campaign.

Get in touch with Firefly Programmatic team to get more details: programmatic@fireflyon.com


Firefly is a data-first mobile media network delivering the most relevant experiences and content to the most relevant consumers through car top and in-car display technology. Our smart screens deliver dynamic, contextually aware brand activations, empowering them to efficiently engage consumers in major markets across the U.S. Each month, Firefly’s network delivers over 1 billion impressions on the streets and in the vehicles of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami – with many more cities and millions more consumers to come.

Founded by Kaan Gunay (CEO) and Onur Kardesler, Firefly is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Istanbul. Visit us online at fireflyon.com.

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