Everyone’s Hiring – An OOH Recap

Everyones Hiring Billboards

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If you’ve driven by a billboard in the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly seen a hiring ad. They are literally everywhere. On static billboards and digitals, sometimes playing back-to-back help wanted ads. There’s no shortage of work to be found, and you could probably get a job doing whatever you want pretty easily. Businesses are flocking to out of home to place their ads, hoping to get qualified candidates to fill their many positions.

The vast majority of the ads we are seeing are from factories, and they are competing with one another offering sign-on bonuses, great pay, and benefits like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve even seen companies offering referral bonuses to those who bring in people for them. The ad below shows a referee holding a handful of hundred-dollar bills, which was displayed on a digital billboard in Cookeville, TN.

Hiring Referral Billboard Ad

At the moment, hiring ads are the golden goose for billboard companies. If you’re not selling to these companies right now, you’re missing out. Check out Facebook, your newspaper’s help wanted section, or contact every factory in your area and see if they are hiring.

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