Dynamic Digital Billboard Ideas

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Instead of displaying the static image typical of outdoor advertising, technology allows business owners to change up their advertising based on real-time conditions like the examples given below. You can communicate specific messages to customers based on time, temperature, social media streams, countdowns for specific events, and more.

How could this change your client’s advertising landscape? What can you dream up to tell customers what they’re up to right now?

What if you were…

a sports team or sports fan that wanted to let people know the score for a big game?

Dynamic Digital Billboard Idea 1

…a hospital that lets patients know they can see a doctor quickly?

Dynamic Digital Billboard Idea 1

…a retailer that could advertise the need for an item based on the weather?

Dynamic Digital Billboard Idea 1

…a radio station that lets people driving by tune in to what’s playing now?

Dynamic Digital Billboard Idea 1

…a business that wanted your social media efforts to go past personal screens onto a bigger screen?

Dynamic Digital Billboard Idea 1

…a mechanic that could let people know there isn’t much of a wait for an oil change?

Dynamic Digital Billboard Idea 1

This is just scraping the surface of what digital billboards can do with current technology. The possibilities are almost endless! Do you have a cool idea or example of dynamic content? Share it with us at info@tastyad.com

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