DOOH Screen Types

DOOH Digital Out of Home Screen Types

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OOH screens are not just billboards – there are so many other types of screens out of home is made up of. The main benefit of DOOH (Digital Out of Home) screens is their capability of being accessed and purchasable by advertisers through programmatic supply-side channels such as Adomni

Some popular DOOH screens that you’re sure to run into and notice:

  • Digital Billboards
  • Street Furniture and Digital Screens at Bus Shelters
  • Mobile Billboard Trucks
  • Screens in Shopping Malls, Restaurants & Airports
  • Auto Roof Top Signs and Mobile Billboards
  • Gas Pump Advertising Screens

Digital Billboards

One of the most popular DOOH screens is obviously the digital billboard. Digital billboards are typically the largest of the DOOH screens.

Street Furniture

Street furniture includes smaller ground-level displays as well as bus shelter screens. These are available in high foot traffic areas.

Mobile Billboard Trucks

Large trucks with digital billboards installed on the sides and back drive around areas with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Interior Displays

Interior displays include most digital signs/screens in shopping malls, airports, and restaurants. Usually in high foot traffic areas.

Car Top Screens

Smaller digital screens mounted on top of vehicles. Mostly in larger cities.

Gas Pump Displays

These screens give us something to watch while we fill up our tanks. These screens also have the ability to play audio.

These are only some of the digital screens around us. Most of them have the capability to play video as well as image ads. Digital out of home advertising is engaging, 100% viewable, and a potent addition to any media mix.To see a full list of screens and locations on an interactive map, click here.

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