Just for Fun – Do Stereograms Work on Digital Billboards?

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Have you ever wondered if stereograms (like The Magic Eye book) worded on digital billboards? We have. So we decided to test it just for kicks and giggles. We created a few stereograms using a free online creator. Unfortunately, the short answer is no. At least with our experiment. This is because the billboard was too far away from our faces to be able to blur our vision enough to see the hidden message. The resolution of the billboard also plays a role. You would need a street-level billboard with a super tight resolution for them to work correctly. While we did get some of the hidden message to start to appear it was just too difficult. Are stereograms a good idea for billboards? Probably not. We don’t want driver squinting their eyes to read a hidden message on a billboard. However, it could be done safely if only viewed by walking pedestrians.

Below are some of the shots we captured and also the original stereograms…

Stereogram Billboard 2 Stereogram Billboard Stereogram Billboard 3

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