Digital Vs. Static Billboards

Digital Vs. Static


Static billboards are the traditional style billboard. They use the same copy for longer amounts of time. So that limits the number of marketing opportunities you would have.  Plus they can be costly to install and maintain due to wear and tear.

Digital billboards have been around for about 15 years now and continue to move into new areas like airports, indoor arenas, shelters and kiosks. And that’s just a few examples. With the flexibility of digital and current technology trends, digital billboards are on the rise.  Digital billboards do have maintenance disabilities though… Power outages, connection issues, electrical and hardware issues should make us think twice before we buy.

While it may seem like digital is the clear winner, static has its own advantages. Price and not having to share ad space are pretty big factors. It all depends on the advertiser’s needs. While short term promotions are great for digital, directional and brand awareness are clearly better for static billboards.

Feel free to download and print the below Digital Vs. Static graphic and share it with your customers to help them weigh the pros and cons.

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