Creative Realities, Inc. Announces Major Milestones and Enhancements to Reflect AdLogic

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The leading advertising solution platform is now delivering 1 billion+ ads per month and powering over 75,000 screens

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Digital signage leader Creative Realities, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREX, CREXW) announced today landmark achievements and significant updates to the Company’s dual-patented advertising management platform, Reflect AdLogic®. Now delivering more than 1 billion ads per 30 days and powering over 75,000 screens daily, this powerhouse platform has been providing ad delivery systems for on-premise, digital out-of-home (DOOH) enterprises for over six years, and the company is set to further expand the platform’s reach and capabilities.

“Given the diverse needs of digital out-of-home markets, Creative Realities is uniquely positioned to meet a growing need in providing precise and consistent delivery of targeted ads,” said Rick Mills, CEO of Creative Realities. “AdLogic mitigates the risk of under or over-delivery of ads by providing tools to schedule and target the delivery of ads with accurate proof-of-play for customers. With our new enhancements, we’re now able to bring this next-generation platform to previously untapped markets and support the shift in media spend from in-home to digital out-of-home markets.”

Reflect AdLogic was built with a place-based media network and advertisers’ unique needs in mind, considering multiple nuanced variables, including shifts in network conditions and proof of accurate deliverables, among other challenges advertisers face in the DOOH space. AdLogic remains one of the only platforms on the market comprehensive enough to handle the complexities of DOOH advertising.

“With such a vastly distributed network across our regional amusement parks, we needed reliable media players that could withstand year-round use and produce accurate deliverables,” said Matt Shafer, corporate vice president of business development and strategic alliances at Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and an original AdLogic user. “Creative Realities provides true end-to-end development all the way through procurement, installation and integration.”

Looking to the future, the AdLogic platform can now integrate with other platforms, including programmatic ads, content management systems and third-party systems. As the platform matures, we seek to have AdLogic interface with other applications to deliver to a wider range of endpoints and playbacks, including digital menu boards, tablet apps and indoor/outdoor interactive apps. “We are intent to help marketers connect the dots across platforms and channels and have a means of measurement and attribution that continues to grow place-based advertising as a viable media channel” – remarks Brian Florko, SVP Media for Creative Realities.

About Creative Realities, Inc.
Creative Realities helps clients use the latest omnichannel technologies to inspire better customer experiences. CRI designs, develops and deploys consumer experiences for high-end enterprise-level networks, and is actively providing recurring SaaS and support services across diverse vertical markets, including but not limited to automotive, advertising networks, apparel & accessories, convenience stores, food service/QSR, gaming, theater, and stadium venues. The company has operations across North America with active installations in more than 10 countries.

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