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Time and Temp Billboard

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Time and temp digital ads are great for 2 reasons. They inform the public passing by our billboard of the current time and temperature, and they also showcase an advertiser willing to display the message for their community. These are perhaps more popular on on-premise digital boards, however, they are also a great tool to showcase the dynamic abilities of larger digital billboards.

Time and Temp Billboard 2If you have available space on your digital boards they can be used to get your brand in front of potential advertisers without displaying “AVAILABLE” ads that communicate your vacancy. Which some out of home companies might not like to do.

You can use the “Sponsor this Message” approach to selling the space to an advertiser who wants to get their brand in front of their audience without showing traditional “ads”. You might even offer the space at a discounted rate to help sell the idea since there won’t be a lot of artwork changes.

Time and temp ads are great as part of a spec art package to show your potential advertisers unique things they can do with digital billboards. So you might create some ads for a potential advertiser you’re trying to sell that includes a time and temp ad, a stock logo ad, employee of the month ad, a promotion or special they are having, etc… See this related article: 100 billboard ad ideas.

Creating Time & Temp Billboard Ads

Time and temp billboard ads are fairly easy to set up in most scheduling software. For this article, we will be using Watchfire Signs OA software’s method.

Step 1) Create the billboard ad with empty spaces for the time and temp. See the example below.

Time and Temp Billboard 3

Step 3) Upload the ad to Watchfire’s media library and click the “edit” button under the ad.

Watchfire billboard software

Step 4) Drag a time box and a temperature box onto the ad where you want them to be placed. Use the adjustments panel to set your look and save the ad.

Watchfire Time Temp Settings

Step 5) Add the ad to the advertiser’s scheduled like you normally would and publish the campaign.

Time and Temp Billboard Ad

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