Create Your Own Billboard Ad Template

Create Your Own Billboard Template

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We’re excited to offer a feature to the Tasty Ad billboard software program. Now you can have your own custom templates designed for use in the Tasty Ad system. These are created to your specs and billboard sizes. The sky is the limit!

What types of business are great candidates for custom billboard ad templates?

• Real Estate Agents (to easily have their listings and agents featured on billboards)

• Auto Dealerships (showcase all of their inventory on your billboards. Swap them out every week)

• Funeral Homes (create obituary ads for all of their clients)

• Employers (showcase upcoming jobs and list their features/benefits)

• Sports (display all future games and times. Even display live sports scores as they happen)

How do I create a custom ad template for use in the Tasty Ad software?

First, you need to have a Tasty Ad account. If you don’t already, sign-up here for your 2-week free trial. Second, contact us here and let us know you are interested in a custom ad template, then we will email you the details so we can get started!

Is there a fee to create have a custom ad template created?

Yes. The fee is $75. Your custom ad will be delivered in whatever size you need that fits our template sizes.

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