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Cratera Technology (creators of Tasty Ad) has created the first-ever online billboard buying service for strictly the general public. Everyone needs billboards! Billboard4Me was designed to offer billboards to the general public for the purpose of celebrating birthdays, congratulations, memorials and more on a day-to-day basis.  “We partner with billboard companies large and small, working as the intermediator.​​ This lets us keep a lower cost for the customer because we handle everything.”

​​How much does it cost?
The cost is determined by each individual billboard company. Usually ranging between $19 – $39 per day. Upon selecting your billboard location you will see the pricing. View Pricing Here

​​What billboard locations are available?
We are always adding new locations. The list of billboards/cities is visible on the app page. Click Here to View Available Locations.

​​How often will my billboard message pop-up?
Every 1-5 minutes, depending on how many other messages are running. On average every 2 minutes, from 12AM to 11:59PM on the dates you select. Equaling ~ 337 – 1,350 flashes of your message in 1 day.

​​What types of billboard messages can I create?
We have 50 pre-designed and easy to customize billboard templates for you to choose from. Including: Anniversary, Birthday, Benefit, Christian, Graduation, Holiday, Love, Marry Me, Newborn, Obituary, Pet, Prayer, Retirement, Wedding & Welcome Home. Any type of message outside of this may be rejected.

​​Can I upload my own artwork?
Yes, you can. However, it may be stretched or squeezed to fit the billboard if it doesn’t match. For specific sizing email us: info@billboard4me.com

For Sign Owners:
We help sell your available digital slots to the general public, not businesses! Birthday and celebration ads are a hassle for billboard companies. We make it easy for buyer and seller!​​

Why use Billboard4Me.com?

✓ Make money on available digital slots

✓ We do all the work

✓ You get paid monthly

✓ Free marketing assets

✓ Tap into a new market: the general public

✓ No commitment, cancel anytime

✓ No competition for current/potential advertisers

✓ No scheduling platform changes

Who sets the price?
We let each individual billboard company set their own price. We recommend $19 – $39 per customers message per day. Our fee is 30% of that. You will get a check each month with a detailed proof of performance report.

Can I sell the space or cancel?
Yes. You can cancel or sell the slot at any time. We do ask for 5 days notice so we have time to remove the location and run any pending messages.

How does approving and scheduling messages work?
Easy! You assign a digital slot to us, just like you do if your customers handles their own art and scheduling. We moderate all messages so nothing inappropriate, slanderous or business advertising related ever gets posted. We schedule all the ads ourselves so you don’t have to.

Does Billboard4Me advertise?
Yes! We post “Your Ad Here” style ads in the billboard slot when there are no advertisers running. We also run facebook and instagram ads targeting people near the billboards who may want to run these types of messages. We pay for this advertising, not the billboard companies.


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