Cool things you can do with Billboard Coloring Books

Billboard Coloring Book

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With the release of our brand new Billboard Coloring Book (available at BillboardStuff.com), we thought we would share some cool ways you can implement these in your OOH sales and daily lives. If you have another idea you want to share with the industry please let us know here.

1. If you are in the outdoor advertising world and have children, what better way to get them involved in your work than coloring billboards with them. It’s something you all can enjoy together. The coloring books also have info about our industry so they can learn and have fun at the same time.

2. The coloring book also has several pages of billboard designs with blank ad areas so you or your kids can design and color ads for local businesses. These can be current customers or potential customers. The pages can be removed and framed to be displayed at the local business.

3. Hold a “Billboard Design Contest” at your local school. Give away coloring books to an art class and let the students design and color ads for one of your advertisers. The winning design can be scanned and displayed on one of your actual billboards. What kid wouldn’t love this? It’s a great way to get the community involved.

4. Keep a few billboard coloring books in your lobby for when current or potential advertisers stop by with their kids they have something to do. They can take a coloring book home with them for their kids as well.

5. Bring up the idea to a potential customer (who has kids), that they can have their children design some ads for them using the billboard coloring book. The finished pages can be scanned in and printed or displayed on digital billboards.

Special thanks to our awesome nieces and nephews for being our models in the photos below!


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