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Hat Tip Damian Rezner for noticing this …

This is a campaign in the London Underground system aimed at helping people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and their carers, through creative on the screens that run alongside the towering escalators.

Put together by Havas London, and using 13 London Underground and Elizabeth line stations, the campaign works with the ribbon of flat panels that line the walls beside the escalators. The creative is intended to make subway users think they’ve somehow found themselves in the 1960s, based on the look and fashion of the people “riding” up or down beside them, on the ribbon screens.

The campaign aims to drive greater awareness of a virtual reality film series and what’s called The WayBack initiative. The campaign has, not surprisingly, picked up awards.

Chief creative officer at Havas London, Vicki Maguire: ‘’When creativity is used as a force for good, the outcome is something to shout about. Proud of Dan, Andy and everyone involved in this award-winning campaign. They’ve turned an everyday OOH space into something magic – that’s bloody genius.’’

Awards judge Anto Chioccarelli described Havas London’s entry as a ‘powerful, optimistic, evocative idea, taking people with dementia, and carers, back to scenes from decades ago.’ She went on to say that the campaign “raises the bar for creativity in outdoor and is a perfect case study to showcase the creative potential of the digital ribbon screens on the London Underground.

Darren Cremins

I saw this ad running in London recently and agree that it was very powerful. I don’t think the digital ribbons work well with “normal” ads, with the content on the slope rather than the old screens that replaced the upright posters. However, this Ad connected seamlessly with the surroundings and draws you in. A stunning campaign for a great charity.

Source: Dave Haynes

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