Clear Channel Outdoor Dials in New B2B Audience Planning, Measurement Solution Connecting Brands with Business Decision-Makers


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Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) (NYSE: CCO) today introduced a more effective way for brands to reach highly coveted B2B audiences as they leverage the company’s audience planning solution: RADARView®. In a new partnership and data integration with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data, this Out-of-Home (OOH) industry first allows brands to more strategically plan their advertising campaigns by identifying and reaching key business decision-makers via CCOA’s displays. Reaching these audiences remains especially relevant as COVID continues to dramatically impact work behaviors, travel patterns and the traditional media channels used by B2B advertisers.

By integrating Bombora’s data with RADARView’s audience insights, demographics and location targeting, advertisers can now understand how each of Clear Channel’s OOH displays impacts more than 100 B2B audience segments, making targeting the B2B customer more accessible and measurable during the pandemic and beyond. This new partnership comes on the heels of CCOA’s Recovery Resource Center rollout and is designed to help businesses reopen, rally and recover throughout the crisis.

“With many corporate offices still closed and a majority of professionals working from home, brands have been challenged to figure out new ways to target their B2B audiences,” said Dan Levi, EVP & CMO, CCOA. “While we may be working from our homes, we do still leave them, as data from Geopath, and others, show that people – including business executives – are in their cars, on the roads, running errands and exposed to OOH throughout their day. With the RADARView and Bombora integration, brands have access to the data they need to precisely reach these key customers along their new daily routine journeys.”

This integration means advertisers can plan their OOH campaigns with CCOA to most efficiently reach small business owners, C-level executives, government influencers, key business decision-makers and more. And as air travel continues to rebound, brands can leverage these CCO RADAR solutions to also reach business travelers who have made their way back into airports throughout the country.

“The pandemic has accelerated the pace of innovation across multiple industries,” said Mark Dye, SVP of Strategy and Partnerships at Bombora. “This partnership with Clear Channel will bring a new level of precision and accountability to a forever altered advertising landscape.”

Bombora analyzes the content consumption of 2.8 million businesses globally to inform advertisers which ones are in the market for specific products and services. Additionally, Bombora audiences combine online and offline data sources to create B2B audience segments including IT/tech decision-makers, install data cloud services, C-Suite executives including CTOs, CMOs and CROs, entrepreneurs, government employees and additional marketing and business professionals. By identifying these segments, brands can index all B2B audiences against 100% of CCOA’s nationwide roadside OOH displays, and Clear Channel Airports’ top inventory, effectively reaching the audiences most important to B2B advertisers.

SOURCE Clear Channel Outdoor

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