Case Study: Billboard Spec Art Makes Another Sale

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Let’s take a look at the benefits of using spec art to sell billboards. We’ll be sharing a case study of a recent sale made by using the spec art method in out of home. If you’re not using spec art as a sales tool then you’re missing out! We’ve heard reports that showing a client sample ads can double your chances of making the sale. After all… we like to see what we’re buying, right?

The Case Study

Potential Client:
Keller Williams Realty

Client emailed asking for info about a digital billboard in their area.

Spec art was created for the potential client using ad ideas that most real estate companies utilize in out of home. A realtor promo ad, a listing ad and a branding (logo) ad. A meeting was set with the potential customer and the spec art and billboard information was presented to the client. Note: even if a meeting is never set, the spec art and billboard info can be delivered to the potential customer and left at their office if they are not there. A billboard informational kit is good to have to give your potential clients. They include a rate sheet, billboard photos & spec sheets, spec art for that potential customer, and promotional materials about OOH. Like this flyer (click here).

This is the spec art that was presented to the client:

KW Billboards

After the client reviewed all of the information they signed up for a billboard. They requested a few minor revisions to the creative and their ads went live.

Actual live ads:

KW Billboards live

The ads were created in Tasty Ad and modified in photoshop to include some fine print. This is done for free for Tasty Ad subscribers. Just email us the ads with your revisions/additions and we will modify them and send them right back.


Whether you have only static faces, only digital, or a combination of these, Tasty Ad can help your sales staff and or designers create spec art for potential customers faster than any other method out there. If you have spaces to fill, why not use every tool at your disposal to help make the sale? If you have questions about the spec art method, give us a call at 931-881-5979. We’d love to hear from you!

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