Call for Help from Billboard Companies – Reward Billboard

Reward Billboard

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Ike from Wingate Media Group, LLC. is searching for help from nearby billboard companies. A great man named Jim Grimes was killed at his home. Here is what Ike had to say, “I served with him on multiple boards and he was a great example of how to do business the right way and was very generous to the community. He also was a fan of billboards as a customer and even spent time helping me lobby for laws to be changed in our community to allow for more”.  You can also see where he aired on News Channel 2 the other day…

The plea for help is already running on 15 billboards across Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama.

If you are interested in helping Ike bring justice to the family, here is how to reach him:

Ike Wingate
President, Wingate Media Group, LLC

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