Bus Shelter DOOH Exhibit Made into Taverna Entrance to Promote Mamma Mia Dinner Theater in Sweden

Bus Shelter for Mama Mia

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Credit goes to Tim Rowe of OOH Insider for bringing attention to an innovative campaign in Sweden that effectively showcases the transformative potential of digital street furniture:

Clear Channel Scandinavia undertook the promotion of an ABBA-themed Mamma Mia! party event. Described as a dinner theater experience with active audience participation, the event unfolds in a venue designed to replicate the Greek taverna featured in the movie or play. While my familiarity with Mamma Mia! might be limited, I aim to convey the essence accurately.

With a rendition of the production taking place in Stockholm, Clear Channel Scandinavia sought to boost awareness and ticket sales through a creative approach. They devised a captivating new visual theme for one end of a bus shelter located at Hötorget, converting it into a vibrant party entrance.

What sets this campaign apart is the interactive element. A sensor triggers the display on the screen, seamlessly initiating a combination of video and music as the shelter doors open. This use of sensors is a noteworthy deviation from the more common application in digital signage for retail merchandising, making it a clever and engaging use of technology in the realm of digital out-of-home advertising.

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