Broadsign Expands Programmatic DOOH Portfolio in the US & Australia

Broadsign expands programmatic portfolio us australia

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The pDOOH-specialty demand-side platform (DSP) helps agencies and brands plan and execute impactful DOOH campaigns with a streamlined workflow that resembles online and mobile DSPs.

An established market leader in Canada, Broadsign has been working with a number of early adopter agencies and brands throughout the U.S. and Australia to launch campaigns via Broadsign Ads in each market. Sharing her experience, Keri Thomas, media supervisor at Cheil Worldwide said, “Executing large scale OOH campaigns requires a DSP that can deliver on ease of use and transparency, and Broadsign Ads has performed above and beyond our expectations, thanks to its numerous capabilities and capacity to streamline the DOOH-specific workflow. Furthermore, access to Broadsign’s team of programmatic digital-out-of-home experts means seamless execution from start to finish.”

Frontier Australia head of biddable media, Denver Rego, also shared, “As an outcome-focused media & marketing agency, DOOH helps bridge gaps between online and real-world advertising. Broadsign Ads allows us to plan, execute, and measure DOOH campaigns quickly, easily, and autonomously, while collaborating with the experienced Broadsign team.”

With the Broadsign Ads rebrand and geographic expansion, media buyers in the U.S. and Australia can now access the platform’s intuitive, powerful campaign workflows, which helped pave the way for pDOOH in Canada. Platform advantages include:


  • Access to premium DOOH inventory with complete screen transparency: Set campaign parameters and select screen types based on data points like the audience, environment, or proximity to points of interest. Get full visibility into screen-level data to maximise campaign performance with an optimal inventory.
  • Flexible, targeted campaign planning and delivery within budget: Buy and activate DOOH inventory that meets your budget and audience goals using Broadsign Ads’ smart bidding algorithm, ensuring cost-efficient delivery of targeted impressions.
  • Robust real-time audience targeting: Target intended audience segments in real-time with captivating DOOH ads that reach them at the right time and place. Access to dynamic mobile data makes it easy to target venues with the highest concentration of the desired audience segment.
  • Contextual targeting: Leverage current events and real-time conditions to deliver more impactful campaigns with triggers like Weather Moments and Financial Moments.


“Between increasing consumer screen fatigue and the target on the cookie’s back, DOOH is approaching a new era of growth. Broadsign Ads makes DOOH ad buying more transparent and as accessible as online and mobile. It combines the core functionality of Campsite with Broadsign best practices and technology,” shared John Dolan, VP and global head of media sales, Broadsign. “The Broadsign Ads rebrand and expansion into the U.S. and Australia represents a crucial next step in DOOH’s evolution, enabling new and seasoned digital marketing agencies, brands, and local businesses to realise the full potential of OOH.”


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