Birds & Billboards… a High Tech, Humane Solution

Flock Off OOH Billboard Bird Abatement

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Flock Off is the new go-to bird deterrent solution for OOH with proven success through Clear Channel, OUTFRONT Media, as well as many other independent operators within the industry.  Flock Off utilizes technology that is able to prevent birds from landing on structures and damaging the asset.  It is a 100% humane, effective, and permanent solution. It is very low profile and aesthetically pleasing.  

Unlike spikes, nets, poisons, electrified wire, plastic owls, lasers, and noisemakers, Flock Off ACTUALLY works.  It is harmless to birds, humans, and other animals. Flock Off uses an electromagnetic pulse that gives the birds what humans might call “vertigo” when they are within 5’ of the structure. This is temporary but enough to keep them from landing.

Billboard locations that have bird issues and are at risk of losing money from lost marketing or potential lease breaks are perfect Flock Off candidates. Flock Off will ultimately extend the life of the asset, with much less future maintenance.  It has also been known to help build better relationships with landowners/leaseholders with happier customers in general while saving leases at risk and leveraging better rates.  

Check out Flock Off in action in the video below…

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your bird problems forever, visit Flock Off today at
www.flockoff.com, or call 877-615-8757.

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