Billboards on Rails; Unique Idea and Opportunity for OOH

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Billboards on rails (www.trainbillboards.com) is a business co-founded and now owned by Pat Morin of Freight Train Media. The patented drawings represent how billboard structures can be engineered to ride or be placed on railroad tracks. The idea is to license the technology to new or existing out of home advertising companies or billboard manufacturers. Pat believes this could be the next game-changing advertising medium as it opens up vast new territory. Any railway, including industrial rail yards, could be utilized for this purpose as long as they have high visibility frontage for the billboards to be seen by drivers and pedestrians.

One of the main benefits of using trains as an advertising platform is that you don’t have to go through the pains of land leases and local/state restrictions. There are numerous opportunities in the US to take advantage of spectacular viewing opportunities like railroad bridges over highways. Another benefit is people tend to like trains and love to watch them drive by.

Train Billboards Drawing 2

Train Billboards Drawing 1

The structures could be used as stationery advertising media parked across road bridges or higher traffic areas. One of their patented designs (The PRB II) can be lifted, raised, lowered, and turned for the most advantageous viewing. They can also be moved around on traditional train tracks.

There is a shortage of locations for traditional billboard structures to be built, which gives OOH companies an incentive to look for other options. Such as placing these train billboards in their markets to continue to grow their inventory.

If you would like more information about train billboards contact:

Patrick Morin, President
Freight Train Media, Inc.
600 Superior Avenue E Ste 1300
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Phone: 216-513-0020
Email: pmorin@trainbillboards.com

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