Billboard Teaser Campaigns

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Billboard/OOH teaser campaigns… What are they? A teaser campaign is an ad campaign used to promote a company change, new product or service, improved product or service, event, or sale from an advertiser. The ad creative for the teaser campaign is meant to intrigue the audience in a way that gains their attention, makes them talk about it, and makes them want more information.
What are the benefits of running teaser campaigns?
• They are fairly easy to set up.
• There is an opportunity to be very creative with the ads.
• They get more attention than traditional ads.
• They cause word-of-mouth advertising.
• They can be short runs that turn into longer campaigns.
• Work for digital or static billboards.
One example of a successful teaser campaign we had the privilege of working on was a radio station that was changing its name. The new station name is KISS. So the teaser started out with a billboard ad that showed only a Hershey’s Kiss. Later adding text and the old logo of the radio station. The campaign had people taking photos of the billboard and posting them on social media. Some curious individuals even called the billboard company asking for more information. The big reveal was a billboard ad the old station name with “IS NOW KISS”.
How do you find and sell teaser campaigns”
• Keep an eye on your local social media channels for businesses posting about big announcements. Contact them and see if they want to run a teaser campaign on your billboards.
• Advertise your capabilities of doing billboard teaser campaigns on your billboards, social media, etc.
• When meeting with your current or potential advertisers, ask them if they have any big changes, new products or services, etc…

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