Biggie Billboards Introduces Patented Customization Technology for 15 Minute DIY Installation of Full Rear Window Decals

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Biggie Billboards introduces a new, affordable way to grab attention via customized rear window decals, available for a vast range of car models. Beginning today, anyone with a message to share can create fully customizable and easily installed graphics utilizing the company’s patented decal creation technology. The new car decals are available on the official website, beginning at $49.99.

Starting today, car owners can now promote their business, honor organizations or causes, or simply express themselves by customizing and creating unique decals for visible mobile advertising, whether parked at home or on the road. Biggie Billboards’ patented technology is the first to address the challenge of fitting flat images onto the three-dimensional contours of vehicle windows. Each decal is custom made to seamlessly fit over entire windows, is easily installed in less than 15 minutes. Biggie Billboards’ decals are weather resistant with minimal vision obstruction while driving and can be customized beginning at $49.99, and $69.99 for included design support.

Earlier this year, Biggie Billboards debuted the first-ever removeable, reusable customizable tailgate banners to fit any make and model of truck. Biggie Billboard’s original car decals arrive after the company’s partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL) for professionally designed truck banners. In addition to today’s car rear window decals, licensed NHL team banners are available for a wide range of car models – just in time for the Stanley Cup finals.

Each decal is custom made with patented technology to seamlessly fit perfectly over the full rear window, and can be installed in 15 minutes.

Additional information for members of the press:

  • Visit the official website here
  • Check out the official YouTube channel here

About Biggie Billboards

Biggie Billboards is on a mission to celebrate freedom of expression and individuality. When someone wants to share something with the world, when they are passionate about being heard, Biggie’s patented technology enables them to easily and affordably use their cars and trucks to deliver their message. Biggie Billboards is committed to social and environmental responsibility and is certified as Carbon Neutral by Natural Resource Partners.


Press Contacts for Biggie Billboards:
Gerard Bahri
Wonacott Communications, LLC
(310) 477-2871

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