Best Medical Billboard Ads

Baby Billboard Ad

Watchfire Signs

Verde Capital Ad 1

Need some inspiration for hospital, urgent care clinic or medical facility? We’ve got a list of the best medical billboard ads!

Hospitals and medical clinics are among the most popular billboard advertisers. They love to advertise and have the advertising budgets to do so.

Below are a handful of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The most popular on the list are baby of the month, ER wait times which are set up to read RSS feeds, welcoming new doctors and testimonials. We do not recommend you copy these “best medical billboard ads” outright. Please use them for inspiration only.


CRMC Rehab

CRMC - Small Biz Healthfair


Riverview Welcome Morlee

Livingston Regional Get Treated

Riverview ER NEW

Riverview Hospital ER WAIT 2

CRMC - Genetic Counseling

CRMC - Urgent Care 2

PUC CMC - 7 Days

PUC CMC - Mobile Check In

PUC CMC - Flu Shots

PUC CMC - Hangover

PUC CMC - Reduce your time

PUC CMC - Care Credit




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