Are You Ready for the Marketing Renaissance?


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Long before the pandemic showed signs of lifting, everyone was talking about the “new normal.” It seemed clear that things would never be quite the same, but what would that mean, exactly? Now, as we’re coming out into the real world, one thing is very clear: we are in the midst of a Post-Pandemic Marketing Renaissance.

The new normal for brands will increasingly revolve on out-of-home.

How do we know? Kickstand and OneScreen.ai surveyed consumers across the country.  The results are in and they’re pretty conclusive. Here are some of the key takeaways.

People Appreciate Their Physical Environment Far More Now

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? More than three-quarters of consumers say they no longer take their surroundings for granted after being mostly stuck at home for two years. But there’s more to it than that.

Two-thirds of consumers (and even more urban dwellers) reported spending more time outdoors during the pandemic than before. However, without their usual commute and other “before” distractions, they were free to actually look around and notice the details.

Among other things, the vast majority say they:

·         Specifically notice out-of-home ads

·         Can recall brands and products from those ads (even six months later)

·         80% have made a purchase as a result

People Intend to Travel More

No surprise here. Consumers want to get out of town. Some will fly to their destination, but 64% plan to take at least one road trip. Interestingly, most of them say they make a point of checking out and commenting on OOH ads when they take road trips.

Consumers Are Just Saying No to Digital Screens

It’s not only the preponderance of online advertising that has consumers feeling overwhelmed. Digital technology was a life-saver during the pandemic, but too much of a good thing is no good, and consumers have had it with screen time.

They crave real, live experiences and in-person connections that feed their greater sense of place — to the point where more than half say they are deliberately reducing personal screen time.

Out of Home Is a Vast Landscape

Marketers who want to ride the renaissance wave must reach out to consumers while they are out in the real world. That’s obvious. But out-of-home isn’t only about the out-of-doors.

Fortunately, you can meet up with your desired audience, no matter how large or small, almost anywhere. The keys to winning them over with your OOH ads? Here’s what consumers themselves said.

More relevant (91%)

With OOH, you can use essentially the same demographic criteria you use to target other marketing, plus you can zero in on audiences by location and reach out to them with contextual content and timing.

More “aesthetically pleasing” (83%)

Now that everyone is noticing their surroundings more, you might say their visual standards are higher. But giving your OOH ads an aesthetic boost shouldn’t be hard, considering how creatively adaptive and amenable OOH media are. You can design in ways other channels simply do not allow.

More interactive (75%)

Consumers may be tired of screen time, but they’re all about emerging technologies that enable and accelerate engagement. They want (as in expect) your OOH ads to be more digital. That means

·         QR codes

·         Touchscreens

·         Video

·         Audio

While we think of OOH as an amazing visual channel, streaming radio and podcasts are hot with consumers now. Audio ads are an intriguing alternative that offer both personalization and contextual relevance.

Another nationwide study published earlier this year revealed that a paltry 13% of marketers are using both traditional and digital OOH to reach their audiences. This makes no sense, especially if your brand hopes to lead the way during the marketing renaissance.

Do it right and your brand will stand out impressively. But, beware. If you ignore the signs, consumers say your brand will quickly become “boring.” Nearly 70% of them say they just might write you off altogether.

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