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Today we’re thrilled to unveil AdQuick AI Assistant, an AI poised to redefine the landscape of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. In this post, we’ll take you through the capabilities of the tool, an evolution for the ad industry that promises to transform your OOH advertising strategies and help your team work better. We’ve been working through several iterations and are excited to announce a version that’s faster, works better and provides deeper answers than our early iterations.

An OOH analyst at your command, on-demand


AdQuick AI Assistant is more than just clever; it’s a culmination of layers of intelligence. Picture an AI that has absorbed insights from thousands of real-world insights from our team, supported by hundreds of millions in campaign spend, and armed with billions of data points on ROI, analytics and more. It’s not merely data; it’s the very DNA of successful advertising campaigns. We’re bringing the entire power of AdQuick into an AI that helps democratize OOH for all users large and small.

Ending the era of “where do we begin?”

How many times have you heard the refrain, “We didn’t know where to begin – which markets? What budget? What media types?” These questions have hindered advertisers new to OOH for too long. With AdQuick AI Assistant, we alleviate this pain. The era of uncertainty is over, paving the way for strategic and impactful campaigns.

Knowledge is power, now it’s open to all

Advertisers don’t consider OOH nearly as often as they should because they don’t know where to start or they don’t know where to get specific answers quickly. AI is empowering any advertiser to have a free, always available OOH expert assistant that has dramatically more knowledge than any single individual.

AdQuick AI Assistant is set to socialize OOH advertising knowledge to the whole industry. Imagine having the most experienced advertising analyst and operator by your side, guiding you at every step. The best part? This comes to you at no cost.

The future is bright and automated

Along with our AI Planner tool, we’re not just simplifying advertising; we’re ushering in an era where access is democratized, execution is automated, and optimization is not a luxury but an expectation. Prepare for a future where advertisers achieve more results with less effort.

Summing up: your new secret weapon

AdQuick AI Assistant is not just another tool in your advertising arsenal; it’s your new secret weapon. Step into an era where world-class advertising knowledge is not exclusive, but inclusive. Let’s not just dream about the future of advertising; let’s build it together.

Getting started is easy:you can try out AdQuick AI Assistant on our website here (just tap the small robot icon on the bottom of the site) and when you’re ready, add it to your company’s Slack so you have it easily on-demand here.

Source: AdQuick

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