AI Image Spotted on Giant Billboard (And The Hands Are All Messed Up)

Ai Billboard Ad

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Originally posted on Peta Pixel.

AI images are notoriously bad at getting hands right, and the billboard image located in Edinburgh, Scotland contains a hand with a very bizarre-shaped knuckle.

The image was first put up on the Offical Midjourney Facebook group but PetaPixel tracked down the exact location and sent a photographer to confirm the uncanny poster.

Ai Billboard Ad Full Shot

The image is available to purchase for $60 from Adobe Stock where it is clearly marked as AI-generated with the title: “Cheerful young couple buying their first home together.”

‘This Can’t Be a Real Ad’

It wasn’t just the out-of-proportion fingers that people on Facebook found disturbing.

“The smiles are so creepy,” writes Brianna Rose Jones.

Others commented that the woman’s head isn’t in the right place relevant to her shoulder.

The man’s knuckles have a large gap and the woman’s head is not in the right place. | Peter Summers

However, some believe that everyday people driving by will barely notice the flawed image.

“I am a graphic designer and photographer so I’d love it if a photog did the shot,’ writes Steve Cullen.

“But our world is changing and we all need to adapt. The image is ‘good enough’ and we all know the AI tools will only get better.”

Others picked up on the fact the billboard meant one less photographer was paid.

“It’s inevitable that photographers will lose a lot of work due to AI,” writes Phillip Sumner. “People pump these things out and license them online.”

“Literally stolen jobs from two models and one photographer,” adds Andrea Scaglione.

Is AI About to Take Over Stock Photography?

In a recent blog post on Stock Performer, it was pointed out that AI images are performing well on Adobe Stock right now — which is the only major stock site accepting submissions of AI-generated images.

Currently, contributors on Adobe Stock can expect an average of $1.22 per download. But for AI images, that figure is closer to $2 ($1.94).

It was only at the end of last year when Adobe announced that it will accept AI images on its stock website — a decision it says it came to after “deeply considering” questions of ethics and proper use of technology.

Adobe, a stalwart of photography, has embraced generative AI of late — first launching its own AI image generator called Firefly and then using that program to integrate an exciting new feature into Photoshop called Generative Fill.

PetaPixel reached out to Barratt Homes for comment but the company did not respond ahead of publication.

See the original article on Peta Pixel here.

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