AdQuick.com Launches Programmatic Software to Take the Risk and Uncertainty Out of Out-of-Home Advertising

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AdQuick.com, the Out-of-Home (OOH) AdTech company, today announced its new programmatic demand-side platform (DSP) for Digital OOH (DOOH). AdQuick’s DSP offers unparalleled access to digital screens with 48-hour attribution reporting, multiple SSP integrations, and geospatial audiences targeting. Built from the ground up for digital marketers, they can now adapt to campaigns in real time, rather than planning campaigns months in advance with a limited set of inventory.

“With states and counties opening and adapting to COVID-19, creating dynamic advertising micro or large scale campaigns that can react to our performance data will give markets an edge in an unprecedented economy,” said Matt O’Connor, CEO of AdQuick.com. “Brands previously looked to the top five markets for their primary focus, but now the shift in spend will go to other regions around the country that are opening up at a faster pace. We’ve created a software that runs like Google Adwords for Out-of-Home and that is going to usher in an entire new generation of marketers into the channel.”

According to a report produced by MAGNA Intelligence, the market research unit of IPG Mediabrands, DOOH sales have been growing by 16% per year in the last five years and investment from media owners in digital screens has skyrocketed in the last few years.

True to AdQuick.com’s mission to make OOH easy and accessible to marketers of all budgets, users can self-execute a hyper-targeted campaign in 10 minutes, pending a publisher approval time that can be granted in less than two hours. This can be done by simply selecting a target audience, points of interest, desired venues, screen types and publishers — all through a UX that will seem familiar to any marketer. AdQuick.com’s DSP plugs into multiple SSP platforms such as Broadsign Reach and Vistar Media. Marketers can execute campaigns across 30 different types of digital screen inventory ranging from highway billboards to quick service restaurants to doctor’s offices. Users can access more than 300,000 digital screens at launch, with over 500,000 available by the end of 2020.

The industry-first Attribution Dashboard gives users dynamic access to conversion data such as actual delivered impressions, website visits/signups/conversions, app downloads, and in-store visits in less than 48-hours. It also tracks conversion quality metrics such as exposure conversion rates, average days between last exposure/conversion, and total estimated conversion, all directly within the platform.

“We have executed some lightweight programmatic OOH campaigns in the past, but given this moment the ability to adapt to meet Americans where they are now, which changes week-to-week, is a game changer,” said Sydney Rose, Director of Programs, Vote.org. “OOH advertising is particularly effective as the reach and impact is unparalleled, and it’s an extremely efficient way to get our simple message out – register and VOTE. We can run our billboard campaigns much like a traditional digital campaign to ensure we get the best ROI, and the AdQuick platform seems familiar to me despite using it for the first time.”

About AdQuick.com
AdQuick.com is the easiest way to purchase and measure outdoor advertising and is building the operating system to bring the OOH industry online. It is the first company to allow anyone to complete the full cycle of booking outdoor ads online, and connects advertisers and agencies to OOH media owners anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. Founded in Los Angeles in 2016 by former Instacart executives, AdQuick.com’s mission is to make OOH advertising more transparent, easier and effective through advanced machine learning-driven, high-touch campaign building technology. Brands such as Turo, Mizzen + Main and Compass among many other next generation marketers use AdQuick.com to make OOH a key part of their marketing-mix. For more information visit www.AdQuick.com. AdQuick.com is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, GermanyAustralia and 12 other countries.

Press Contact:
Tanya Jeffers
Pure Knot PR for AdQuick.com
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