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LOS ANGELESJuly 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AdQuick.com, the top out-of-home (OOH) advertising marketplace in the world, today announced its momentous mid-year achievements as the company continues to reshape and redefine the OOH planning and buying experience. AdQuick’s upward trajectory is being fueled by its industry-leading product innovation, strategic international partnerships, expanded global footprint and massive performance growth.

“This year, we’ve continued to focus our internal product innovation and external partnership building in areas where we can inspire brands and agency advertisers to engage consumers with OOH,” said Matthew O’Connor, chief executive officer of AdQuick. “I’m incredibly proud of our team’s drive and commitment to realize exceptional change in the advertising space and deliver cutting-edge OOH solutions to advertisers across the globe.”

Here’s a deeper look at how AdQuick is powering its momentum through 2022.

Product Innovation

In the first half of the year, AdQuick has delivered a number of new product innovations and resources to enhance OOH planning, buying and measurement experiences.

  • AdQuick launched audience-based buying capabilities this spring, enabling users to purchase OOH media based solely on target audiences. Audience-based buying allows advertisers to automate their OOH inventory selection process to secure the best ad units across markets based on reaching their desired demographics.

  • AdQuick debuted its new dynamic ad creative feature, which gives outdoor advertisers the ability to launch personalized and contextually relevant ads by leveraging real-time data feeds on weather changes, traffic patterns, sports scores, time of day, and more.

  • In June, AdQuick’s Analytics Cloud became the first-ever “analytics as a service” for OOH, and allows OOH marketers, agencies, and media owners to understand and optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns in near real-time.

  • In advance of November’s U.S. midterms, AdQuick released its Out-of-Home Toolkit for Political Advertisers, a free collection of media planning tools designed to help campaigns capitalize on the trustworthiness, reach, and efficiency of OOH to reach voters.
Partner Innovations

AdQuick has secured strategic partnerships that take product capabilities to the next level, enabling advertisers to diversify and scale their media mix, while boosting the effectiveness of their campaigns. Select capabilities include:

  • Direct Mail Retargeting – Through a partnership with Lob, the leading direct mail automation platform, AdQuick now provides cross-channel retargeting so advertisers can easily and effectively deliver direct mail advertising to audiences previously reached by outdoor ads.

  • 1st Party Data Targeting & Measurement – By partnering with LiveRamp, a leading data enablement platform, AdQuick now enables first-party data targeting and closed-loop measurement for both traditional and digital OOH ads.

  • Real-time Inventory Availability – Through a direct integration with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, one of the world’s largest OOH advertising companies, AdQuick customers now have access to real-time OOH inventory availability data, enabling enhanced automation for both printed and digital OOH campaigns.
International Growth

AdQuick is on track to grow its international bookings two-fold from 2021 thanks to its record media partnerships across the U.K., CanadaEurope and Japan. These partnerships include: JCDecaux, a leading global OOH media owner; VIOOH, offering seamless access to JCDecaux’s international inventory; Global, boasting a broad and diverse inventory across the U.K and Europe and its SSP Dax; Clear Channel Outdoor France and Clear Channel Outdoor UK, arms of the world’s largest OOH advertising business, Outfront Canada, the nation’s leading full-service OOH; as well as Pattison Outdoor Advertising and Astral Out of Home in Canada, Kesion Group and Liveboard in Japan, and Elonex and London City Airport in the U.K.

Adding these leading global vendors to its more than 1,400 media partners in the U.S. – which account for over 98% of all available outdoor advertising inventory – AdQuick now provides its customers with unmatched access to global OOH assets, even greater reach and the ability to launch, manage, and measure campaigns in the U.S. and abroad from one, easy-to-use platform.

AdQuick will further expand its product development and services while forging new media and technology partnerships throughout the remainder of 2022. To learn more about unleashing the power of OOH advertising, visit www.adquick.com.

About AdQuick, Inc.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2016, AdQuick.com is the leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform that makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure every kind of outdoor advertising. With over 1100 media partners spanning all types of OOH media, AdQuick connects advertisers and agencies to OOH media owners anywhere in the U.S. and abroad, including the UK, CanadaGermanyFrance, and 13 other countries.

AdQuick enables data-led OOH media planning powered by robust datasets and proprietary tools, facilitates fast and efficient campaign execution, and provides accurate measurement across every brand objective and campaign KPI. AdQuick was named in the top ten Best Places to Work in 2020 by Los Angeles Business Journal, recognized as the 74th fastest growing company in Inc. 5000 Regionals, and was honored as one of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in 2021. To learn more please visit www.adquick.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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